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Spidey Pest Control takes pride in being Honest, Sensible, and Affordable when it comes to pest management,  

with 15 years experience in the Pest industry you can count on us to deliver an effective

Environmentally Friendly Service that won't break the bank and keep your home or office free of those

creepy crawlers!


Pest Services Starting at $50


What to expect!

Pest control is an important part of health and safety in homes and business environments. Pests can cause allergies, Spread diseases as well as cause property damage. Spidey Pest Control uses the latest in Eco friendly Materials and Application methods and we pair this with mechanical exclusion techniques learned over years of field experience in the industry, and with knowledge of pest biology, Spidey will come up with a sensible plan that you can feel comfortable knowing your pests are managed with an Environmentally Conscious Pest Management Company such as 

Spidey Pest Control!

Our Services

General Pest
Starting as low as $50/mo

Monthly, Bi-monthly, and Quarterly services for Ants, Spiders, Earwigs, and more. Call for a free inspection and quote today!

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Special Services
Inspection Required

One time services for Ants, Spiders, Earwigs, and more such as Roaches, Bees, and Bed bugs! Call for a free inspection today!

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Rodent Services
Inspection Required

We offer a variety of rodent services such as Exclusion, Trapping, Baiting, and Attic Clean Out and Sanitation.

Call for a Free Inspection today!

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